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Getting Started

Hello and welcome to CoLab,

Your journey starts right here!

At CoLab, we believe that creatives with the right attitude and dedication should have as good a chance as any to showcase the fruits of their labour and talents.

CoLab was designed by artists, for artists, and you can be up and running in four simple steps.

We hope that you love it as much as us.


The CoLab team x


CoLab is different from other social / casting sites as it profiles the artist in the best possible way, enabling you to integrate both social and professional profiles in ONE place!

To create the perfect creative resume, show CoLaborators who you are (accurately!) by;

  • Adding your age, appearance and location under “Basic Information”,
  • Setting yourself apart with a list of your skills
  • Sharing your interests / areas you would like to gain more experience in under “Edit your Interests”
  • Keeping CoLaborators up to date with your projects under “Work Status”
  • Bringing it to life with several head shots or “profile pictures”
  • Showcasing your work under Videos, Audio or Photos (under “Porfolio”)
  • Integrating all your social media profiles in one place
  • Highlighting your involvement under “Credits”

Remember, the more detailed your profile, the more potential “CoLaborators" and employers out have to be excited about. We are not collecting your data to sell to advertisers. It is just your opportunity to shine!

To build your profile simply click on the dropdown button in the top right and click edit profile.

*As the site is in Beta, profiles are currently designed towards showcasing performers. BUT, we are currently working on features to allow other creatives to create profiles and showcase their talents on CoLab. If your profession / interest is not yet listed under “titles”, please proceed to fill out as much of the information relevant to your field as possible under “Edit Profiles”, and be sure to mention this in your Feedback form. For more information about CoLab in Beta please visit our Beta page to find out more / to provide Feedback please click here.

If you have a specific artist in mind or are just browsing, you may look them up by simply using the search function available at the top of every page.

Search CoLaborators by;

  • Appearance e.g. playing age, eye colour, height, build, hair length
  • Performance e.g. Singing, Dance, Music
  • Interests e.g. areas of the creative industry they would like to get more experience in
  • Skill e.g. Accent, Language, Sporting ability

Who knows! Those violin lessons you always hated as a child may be the reason you land your next project / job! So if you are proficient in a particular talent / skill, be sure to mention it on your profile!

*Stuck for ideas? Find inspirational people via our Featured Profiles and Featured Work on your homepage.

To keep you excited and passionate, we want to give you opportunities to shout out to the community and see what is going on in the creative community around you. Our unique Noticeboard (located on the homepage) does this by combining great functionality with complete simplicity.

Like any Noticeboard you can:

  • Add Notices you would like to share with the community i.e.
    • Upcoming projects
    • Events of interest
    • Requests for specific CoLaborators (i.e. Casting Breakdowns)
    • Advice
    • ...ANYTHING to help ignite your passion really!
  • Comment on Notices to add to the conversation and note comments on yours
  • Screen and filter Notices to highlight what is relevant to you.
  • Search Notices for exact key words.

And this is only the Beta stage!! We are already working on features and requests from casting agents and professional bodies to really kick-start your career.

So get moving and keep on the pulse by seeing what is trending!

Unlike any other social networking site, we have developed a Clipboard functionality to put you in full control of your projects. It acts as a “roster”, allowing you to compile a list of (and contact!) all the profiles you wish to CoLaborate with on your next project.

Take control of your projects by:

  • Selecting and adding CoLaborators to your Clipboard
  • Contacting the entire list of your Clipboard’s CoLaborators / groups with the click of a button*
  • Sharing your Clipboard with other CoLaborators by sending the “view only” public link

Each user has a maximum of 3 Clipboards at their disposal, and may hold up to a maximum of 24 profiles per Clipboard.

Now you’re ready to begin CoLaborating!

*Note: Some users may need to accept your request to be contacted via Clipboards before you are able to contact them

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